Read the Clean & Tidy Home Show's Interview with Our Founder Louise Marsh

fyio app is designed to navigate life and bits of paper, and is on a mission to make the world Paperwork Happy! With Spring around the corner, the time to start your paperwork Spring Clean is right now.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Louise. I live in Devon with my lovely husband Ian, at least when he’s not away protecting challenging parts of the world, and our Staffie Simba. I’m the founder of fyio, a beautiful new app designed to help you navigate life and bits of paper. fyio’s mission is to make the world Paperwork Happy!

Why did you start fyio?

Working life can be unpredictable for someone whose partner is a member of the armed forces, something I know only too well. Married to a soldier who served in the British Army for 25 years, I shaped my career around our peripatetic life.

I had stints in house clearing, antique dealing, and a spell of cleaning houses when we were posted to Belfast where there weren’t too many options. All these experiences, and then time working in the life insurance industry, meant I observed first-hand how chaotic paperwork can really compromise people’s lives.And from a personal perspective, I had had to deal with vast amounts of paperwork over the years. Like most of us, I had accumulated filing cabinets, fan files, shoe boxes, documents here and there on the computer, andemail attachments I struggled to locate.

My lightbulb moment for fyio came when Ian started applying for work in the private security sector. This required sending highly confidential documentation to potential employers, usually by unsecure email. He realised not only did he not know where to find his paperwork, since either I or the Army had always dealt with it, but also that he was sending sensitive information through an inherently unsecure channel. So there were two pain points - for starters, finding the important documents in the first place, andthen not even being able to share them securely.

With no tech background and confounded by existing cloud storage solutions, I wanted to scope something anyone could, and would want to, use. Fundamentally, fyio not only had to be exceptionally simple, accessible, and secure (the premise being that if I could use it anyone could!), but also something that our users would want to stick with, something that had real potential to become a companion for life.

So what does that really mean and how does fyio help in practice?

I started by thinking about what would make people’s lives as stress free as possible, and create something they’d keep ‘wanting’ to come back to you rather than feeling they ‘had’  to. fyio puts warmth, personality, and simplicity into paperwork management storage, which otherwise can feel like an unavoidable but tedious chore. Our lives begin and end with paperwork, and the consequences can be disastrous if we’re not in control of it. £200 billion is currently unclaimed in the UK alone due to lost or forgotten paperwork. If you use fyio, that should never happen – as long as you have internet connection, you can manage your paperwork on the go, and we’re currently developing an off line function so your most important docs are accessible to you 24/7.

I also wanted to include features that no app had ever done before. When our users log in to fyio, it’s super simple to get organised from day one. All the thinking has been done, and we have added a uniquely simple and secure ‘fyio drawer to drawer’ share function so family and friends have access to the important documents you want them to, although you always control and can cancel access at any time. We’ve also added renewal alerts and reminders, and our fyio facts are coming soon which will answer common questions like how to submit a personal tax return.

What is fyio’s business model?

fyio is a life management tool rather than a simple document storage solution. It’s free to download and play with for as long as you like but if you want to add more than six documents and unlock features like fyio facts and the off line function, the monthly subscription is £3.99 or £39.99 annually. This is inline with an annual Will safekeeping service, but protects all your important documents and precious memories rather than just one. Our community tells us that fyio alleviates every day stress by knowing what’s important to them is always safe and found.

How can we subscribe to fyio if we like the sound of it?

Just head to the App Store or Google Play and download fyio (happy document storage). Follow the simple sign-up steps, and you’ll be able to start making your life Paperwork Happy straightaway!

What have been fyio’s best wins so far?

Finding the best developers in the world. The app may be very simple to use but the tech behind it is very complex. The Royal Marines Association, Gables Animal Sanctuary, and employment platform, imployable have signed up as partners. They all mean a great deal to me personally and as a company we couldn’t be more thrilled to be supporting them. Finally, being named a TechRound 100 winner at the end of last year was incredible, given TikTok and Zoom are among previous winners!

What can we expect from you at the Clean & Tidy Home Show?

We loved the Clean & Tidy Home Show concept from day one, and we are excited to bring fyio to a community that doesn’t just want to get their paperwork in order, but wants to know that they are in control of their own lives, giving them more time, peace of mind, and maximum financial security.

Get ready for live demos, quizzes, and a whole lot of paperwork and life know-how!