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Working in proud partnership with the RMA, fyio has committed to providing life long free access to members of the Royal Marines family including an upgrade to 5GB of storage.  Download using the links below and please send a confirmation email to ensure your free access for life.

click here to email rma@fyio.app

Please write your first name, surname and the email address you will use to register for fyio.

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All your important documents and precious memories safe and found and in seconds. Simple, accessible, secure fyio is designed to work for you.

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On a mission to make you and what matters to you Paperwork Happy!

Designed to navigate life and bits of paper, fyio combines an intuitive digital filing cabinet, highly secure document share function, and a fyio personal assistant. Transforming the way we manage our important documents and precious memories, fyio will be your compass and companion for life.

fyio's purpose is to reduce the financial, time, and emotional cost caused by disorganised paperwork and unsafe document share practices.

Start your journey to Paperwork Happy now!