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Paperwork Happy

Sometimes the best things in life really are free and fyio really is one of the best things in life. Your personal digital document go bag, there to protect you and what matters to you 24 / 7 is completely free.


Designed to navigate life and bits of paper, fyio is a calm, ordered space in which to curate your most important documents and precious memories, and share them securely entirely within the fyio ecosystem.


Our mission is to make you #paperworkhappy, fyio is peppered with small sparks of joy that transform something that might once have felt painful into something truly pleasurable.

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Our promise to you is to focus on our three core values:

simplicity, accessibility, and security.

  • All the thinking done for you
  • A bank of #fyiofacts to help you untangle the complexities of modern-day life
  • A unique store and share function protected by the most advanced encryption standards in existence
  • Renewals and reminders to keep your life on track saving anxiety, time, and money
  • And to make it truly accessible, it's free!
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