Paperweight of the nation

Are you a piler or a filer?

We surveyed over 2,000 people from across the UK to find that as a nation we are carrying around piles of unnecessary paper documents. Turns out, that when a paper document comes through the letter slot, the average Brit holds onto it for a whole eight years! This means there’s a pile of papers – at least 40 on average – lying around in most homes across the country. Which raises the question… does all this paperweight have an impact on our wellbeing?



find filing tedious and time consuming


say that the act of decluttering has a positive impact on their mental health


say their attitudes to paperwork have changed during the pandemic

People in the UK have around 40 paper documents in their home at any one time, which means the nation is carrying around 130 blue whales in paperweight!



Honey Langcaster-James
Chartered Psychologist

“It is actually quite common for people to hold on to paper unnecessarily, I’ve done this a lot myself. Sometimes, it’s because something holds sentimental value like a handwritten note for example, but all too often, it simply becomes a habit.”

“There are surprising therapeutic benefits that come with the physical act of sorting, ordering, shredding, and filing, because these tasks can be quite mindful and rewarding. The absorbing nature of the task helps you to switch off from everything else that’s been going on, but also, finding that the build-up or ‘pre-filing anxiety’ is most likely completely unnecessary."

“Shedding the paper means embracing new filing and organisational tactics, but it also lifts a weight off your shoulders, often this is a very real feeling that people get when they rid themselves of hordes of paper-based clutter they’ve hung on to for too long.”

Honey Langcaster-James

“I couldn’t be more of a fan of the fyio app! As someone who hoards every single type of documentation you can think of, this app is made for someone like me.

It really does bring some kind of calm and order to my life, it’s intuitive and I just ‘got it’ straight away. It works beautifully as an exciting and innovative piece of tech, which I believe can truly change your way of life and organisational habits.”

Tim (56)

Creative Director and father of three, London.

“I am a self-employed Beauty Therapist running my business from home. fyio has allowed me to securely file all my business documents, invoices, and bank statements. This provides easy access when completing my business accounts – the thought of being able to securely share my documents with my accountant will be so straight forward, no more printing, scanning, and mailing!

“Once all my documents were stored and organised it felt good to shred (and recycle) all the unnecessary paper and lighten the load, not only on my filing cabinets and draws, but the mental relaxation from increased productivity and decluttering"

Becky (45)

Self-employed mother of two, Devon.

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