7 Steps to Paperwork Happy

Step 1

Welcome to fyio’s fast growing community of people determined to get Paperwork Happy!


If your personal paperwork is out of control, then quite simply so is your life. fyio has been designed to eradicate the stress, anxiety and financial losses caused by  chaotic and misplaced paperwork.


The good news is you’re only 7 steps away from paperwork peace of mind. A life where every document that matters to you is secure and at your fingertips 24/7. And whether you want to take it fast or slow, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Let’s go!

Step 1

Your daily paper workout


Don’t worry if there’s a lifetime of paperwork under the bed - we’ll get to that later. Your single most important step is to start simple, start now and make fyio part of your daily routine. Every document you file today is one you won’t have to deal with tomorrow. 

Top tip

Before you upload your first document, take some time to get to know your fyio. Open each drawer on your home page and start thinking about what might go where.


Open fyio and click ‘Add Document’ 

Add Doc

Choose camera

View Document

Find and snap your most important document or simply take a selfie, name your document, choose a category a drawer and then a subcategory. You're on fyio!

Top tip

When you name your document make sure it contains a key word so fyio finds it for you instantly


Still not sure, try our walk and talk through

The next step is one step nearer to paperwork peace of mind