Say Hello To The New And Improved Fyio

Here at fyio we are always looking for ways to make the app even simpler to use. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes, and the latest update does just that, bringing you some useful tweaks and exciting new features.

Download the update and say hello….

Uploading a document

Uploading a document to fyio has always been easy, but we’ve now made it even simpler by reducing the five upload options to three: Camera, Photo library or Document. It really couldn’t be easier!

Whether you’re uploading a single or multiple page document using the camera option, simply take your first photograph, and if it’s a goody, choose Use Photo. Take photographs of additional pages and click Use Photo after each snap. Once you are finished, select Upload and Save – job done!


Sharing a document with someone who isn’t yet a fyio user

Have you ever gone to share a document with someone and realised they aren’t a fyio user? fyio will now alert you that someone you are sharing with hasn’t downloaded the app, and will send an email inviting them to become part of the fyio family. Once they’ve downloaded the app, your document will be waiting patiently in their pending folder ready to view and accept.

Inviting a friend to fyio

Want to share the fyio love? Add friends to your contact list and if they haven’t got the app, fyio will send an invitation via the magic of email. Their name will appear in your contacts list with Invitation sent underneath. If they dilly dally with their download, give them a nudge by swiping on their name and clicking Resend invite.


Document status

The new document status feature will tell you whether a document has been accepted, declined, or ignored (rude…).  Simply preview your document and click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner. Select Sharing and this will take you to the Manage Access page, where you will see the status of the document: PendingAccepted or Declined. You can also click on the person’s name and see all the documents you’ve shared with each other. Don’t forget - if you decide you no longer want to continue sharing, you can click on the x on the Manage Access page.