Woman Magazine | 21st February 2022 |

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I still have MOT receipts for cars I no longer own. HMRC requires businesses to keep records for five years, but my bookkeeping paperwork dates back a decade, with files piled high in the office. I'm not alone. According to research by productivity app fyio, the average Brit stores thousands of paper documents unnecessarily for years, yet 82% of us say decluttering has a positive effect on mental health, making us feel happier and more relaxed.

That sounds appealing, so I shred all the old and unnecessary paperwork. Shredded paper makes excellent compost and I like the idea of all this paper becoming the soil We'll use for this summer's veg. Idownload fyio (fyio.app) a 'digital filing cabinet' and digitise my paperwork, sorting it into drawers' that are easy to navigate and secure. I hadn't realised how much this paperwork felt like a paperweight - my office is minimalist for the first time ever and, as a result, my mind buzzes with productivity.