How to use fyio app

fyio is an exceptionally simple and friendly way to navigate life and bits of paper so let’s get you started!

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Add a document from your camera

  • Open your fyio and log in with your password or (recommended) using touch or face ID.
  • Click on the + icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click upload
  • Choose camera
  • Take a photo of your document (this happens in-app keeping your data completely secure)
  • If you’re happy with the photo click use photo and upload and save
  • NB: If the document has more than one page continue using the camera to take a photo of each page and when done click upload and save
  • Name the document where indicated (document title)
  • Select a category – eg, Vehicle
  • Select a sub category – eg, Vehicle Insurance

Top Tip: When you share a document it will land in the recipient’s corresponding drawer – eg, if you were to you share your car insurance document with a partner or friend, it will land in their Vehicle Insurance drawer. 

In most cases this is obvious but where there might be more than one option, eg, a copy of an offspring’s passport, this might be better filed in the Passports drawer rather than in the Children’s drawer.

  • If you want to, add a note
  • If the document needs renewing or has a deadline, click on the renew icon and set a renewal date and then set a reminder date to receive a reminder notification
  • Save document

Save a document from an email

 Your car insurance provider has emailed you, attaching a copy of your new car insurance policy. Right now is the time to file it in fyio – 8 out 10 people say their `biggest paperwork bugbear is sifting through email trying to find an attachment'.

  • Open the attachment
  • Click on the share icon 
  • Click on Save File via…
  • Choose fyio as your destination app
  • Log in
  • Name your document where indicated (document title)
  • Select a category eg, Vehicle 
  • Select a sub category, eg, Vehicle Insurance 
  • Add a note, renewal date, and reminder
  • Save document

Securely share a document

Sharing a document through fyio is highly secure, and it makes life oh so simple for you and the person you want to share with.

  • Select the document you want to share, eg, Home Insurance Policy
  • Click Share This Document
  • Choose how long for
  • Select fyio contact
  • If the contact is not already in your contact list, click and add their email
  • If the contact is not using fyio, invite to fyio
  • Include document note if you want to
  • Click Share This Document

The person you are sharing with will receive a notification to say you would like to share a document. They have the option to view before accepting and then have the option to accept or decline. Until they accept, the document will be highlighted as pending in My Documents. Once they have accepted the document it will land in their Home Insurance drawer, highlighted by a pink tab.

As the sender you are able to revoke the document at any time.

How can we help?

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