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Partnership with Royal Marines Association

The Royal Marines Association (RMA) has joined forces with new life management app, fyio, which has a military heritage, to support its 20,000 members.

RMA chief executive, Jonathan Ball, welcomes the partnership and believes fyio’s simplicity, accessibility, and security makes it especially relevant for people when they leave active service:

“The RMA is very pleased to be the first organisation in the world to establish a partnership with this innovative application. Life in the armed forces doesn’t prepare people for many of the realities of managing day-to-day life, and paperwork management can be especially challenging. The RMA really likes the fyio concept because it is exceptionally simple to use and it is highly secure. We especially like its unique sharing function, which means a sensitive document can be shared instantly and safely by a trusted family member or friend from one side of the world to the other.”

fyio founder, Louise Marsh, previously worked in the life insurance industry, and observed first-hand how damaging disorganised paperwork could be to people’s lives but her moment of inspiration for fyio came when her husband, Ian, left the British Army after 25 years and he started applying for work in the private security sector. 

She explains: “This required sending highly confidential documentation to potential

employers, usually by email, which is inherently unsecure. He realised not only did he not know where to find his paperwork since either I or the Army had always dealt with it but also that he was sending sensitive information through a channel that put him at risk. I wanted to develop something that was so simple that anyone from my 75-year-old father to my 16-year-old nephew could use. I couldn’t be more honoured and delighted that fyio’s first partnership has been established with the Royal Marines Association.”

RMA chief executive, Jonathan Ball

“The Royal Marines is a dispersed and global community, and we work with a large number of vulnerable and sometimes isolated individuals whose physical paperwork is often disorganised, and at potential risk of damage or theft. The RMA provides proactive and preventative care, and we like to be sector leading, and then share our learnings with other sectors and associations. In fyio I believe we are delivering something to our members that is not only life-enhancing but potentially life-saving.”

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