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Top 5 things to focus on this Spring Clearing Week:

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Just make a start

This is always the hard part... but once you get going, you'll soon get into the swing of things (and might even enjoy it!). Just focus on one specific area first to get the ball rolling, rather than on clearing out a whole room.

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You guessed it... paperwork!

fyio might be a little biased, but once you've tackled those pesky piles of documents clogging up your drawers, you just know you'll feel better. Paperwork can be a particular cause of anxiety, what with all the important information it contains, so getting a handle on it is automatically going to make you feel lighter and more in control. And fyio makes it so simple because life is complicated enough.

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Your wardrobe

We all do it - hoard the clothes we never wear because, hey, who knows when we might need those sparkly hotpants? Take this opportunity to get realistic and declutter your overflowing wardrobe (or floordrobe). If you haven't worn it in over a year, get rid!

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Recycle and donate

Don't just chuck things away - be mindful of what can be recycled and what can be given to worthy causes to reduce waste and that all important carbon-footprint. Charity shops are often accepting donations of clothes, books, DVDs and furniture, and many objects can be recycled.

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Take your time

Don't try and do everything at once - that's a recipe for more stress than less! If you overwhelm yourself with too much all at the same time, it will quickly become an unpleasant chore and you're more likely to give up sooner. Don't worry about trying to fit every task into this week - it's all about making a start.